Results and photos

04/06/2013 06:51
Results from Saturday (split itmes) and Sunday (split times). Photos: long and middle.

Parameters of courses

16/05/2013 12:22
for long race are published.


16/05/2013 10:14
You can see in the division Maps how was the area mapped in bygone times and samples of contemporary mapping.


03/02/2013 09:44
You can entry on races (on-line or by e-mail) since today to bis may the 17th. (first deathline).


02/01/2013 14:10
From horoscope on year 2013 we show the part for June, which is fitting for orienteering: "June will bring to us movement, both mental and physical. It will come with it some lack of concentration, discomposure and  trend to fuzziness, but at the same time notification personal responsibility...

Bulletin 1

26/12/2012 16:07

Website were created.

26/12/2012 15:20
You can read informations about our races in english version. Map designers were finished first version of map. The area has never been used for orienteering before.